Get To Know Me – 10 Random Facts About Me

Most of my readers visit this space for style tips/inspiration and all things Napa Valley, but it’s time I start sharing more of my personal side with you as well. After all, I want you to relate to me not only because we like the same clothes or style. In order to do so, I’m sharing 10 random facts about me, in hopes that you’ll share some with me as well!

10 Random Facts about me

1. I’m only 5’2. Where are all my petite girls at?! / Mam tylko 158 cm wzrostu.
2. I’ve had gray hair since I was a kid. / Przez cale zycie mam dosyc pokazne pasmo siwych wlosow.
3. I hate buttons. / Nienawidze guzikow.
4. If I don’t travel every so often I get anxious. / Podrozuje czesto bo inaczej idzie zeswirowac.
5. I have a major sweet tooth!  I need to have something sweet (preferably chocolate) after pretty much every meal. / Czekolada!!!  <3
6. I’m a decent dancer but a terrible singer.Will never stop doing both. / Uwielbiam tanczyc i spiewac, chociaz to drugie nie za bardzo mi wychodzi…
7. I don’t know how to whistle. / Kompletnie nie potrafie gwizdac...
8.  I make tea every morning and often forget to drink it… / Robie herbate kazdego poranka a potem zapominac ja pic.
9. I have 3 tattoos. / Mam 3 tatuaze.

10.  One of my tattoos says LA and I’m dating an avid SF Giants fan. Time for a cover-up tattoo? / Jeden z tatuazy jest o Los Angeles a moj chlopak jest fanem druzyn sportowych z San Francisco. Chyba czas na zmiane tatuazu…

photography by Mallory of VineLiving

get to know me random facts Napa blogger Shenska

How cute is this little black dress from Tobi? And it’s on sale! Check out below for a price!

get to know me

Tobi little black dress on Napa blogger Shenska

random facts Shenska

get to know me Shenska Napa blogger random facts

Tobi black dress Napa Valley style

get to know me random facts Shenska Napa

affordable summer style Napa Valley Tobi

Shenska Napa blogger random facts

random facts about Shenska blogger

dress: c/o Tobi (on sale for just $11!)        shoes: Sam Edelman      sunglasses: c/o Zaful

Did you find any of these random facts relatable?

Were you surprised by any of them? I’d love to hear from you!





25 thoughts on “Get To Know Me – 10 Random Facts About Me

  1. Can’t believe you’re 5’2″ and a total model in the photos! That’s awesome and inspirational in itself 🙂

    1. My goodness Andrea, you’re being too nice! I swear every time I’m about to meet a new photographer I warn them about how short I am first, haha! It’s a good thing you can’t tell in the photos! 😛

  2. These pics are amazing!! Love them! I am also petite (although much more than most people at 4’8″ haha), and get SO anxious if I don’t travel frequently!

  3. I’m 5,5 so kind of the middle. I’m shorter than most of my friends but not too bad! I don’t have any tattoos but I do love them. I’m just terrified by needles.

    Love the dress,


    Here from Fashion Files!

  4. Besides facts 1 and 8-10, I’m the same with every other fact! Haha, I kept reading and thinking, “Oh my gosh, me too!” I love this look–that romper is so cute and sassy. And those shoes are fabulous!! Have a great rest of your Sunday 🙂

    Miles of smiles,

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