10 Tips For Easy, Quick and Effortless Waves

When it comes to the beauty department, I treat it just like fashion. Give me all the easy, simple, quick and effortless solutions and I’m happy! Whether it’s a photo shoot or a regular day, I do my makeup in under 15 minutes. Depending on what hair style I want to go with that day, it’s between 20 – 45 minutes.

I get asked a lot about what I do to get my signature effortless waves, so today I’m sharing with you 10 tips on my hair styling routine. Please keep in mind that I’m no beauty guru and I don’t have any guarantees that all of my tricks will work for your kind of hair. For those who have (a lot of) fine hair like me, I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

photography by Justin Stevens

effortless waves tutorial Napa Valley blogger Shenska

1. Dirty hair rule.

In my experience, the curls never hold as well (or don’t even curl for that matter), if you’re trying to style freshly washed hair. Give it a day (or two, if  you’re lucky) to develop some oil in your hair, add some dry shampoo for more texture and then curl away!

hair tutorial sections for effortless waves

2. Sections, sections…

I find it easier and faster to style my hair if I keep it organized. I like to do 3 sections of hair and start working from the bottom part. That way you won’t get tangled or confused about missing, undone parts of your hair!

Usmooth hair care product Plump

3. Special treatment.

Applying a heat protectant will only do good to your hair. I believe any hairstylist would say this, although I’ll be honest, I don’t always follow this rule. If you want to protect your hair from heat, check out these great products (all under $15):

I try to keep the hair products I use to the minimum (not to weigh down my fine hair), so the only thing I used before curling was this thickening lotion by Usmooth that increases volume, and thanks to the sunflower oil – protects and adds shine to your hair.

For more details on the Usmooth products that I use and love, read this post.

easy curling hair tutorial effortless waves

4. Brush before curling.

Before I begin curling each section of my hair, I like to brush through it first. Whenever I do, I always find it work better for getting that perfect curl or wave we want. Also, if I feel like taking an extra step, I will lightly spray each section with this hairspray.

how to get effortless waves hair tutorial by Shenska

5. Curl away from the face.

There are many techniques for creating those effortless waves you want. However, what works and looks best on me, is always curling away from my face. For wider waves, I pick up a section of hair and place the curling iron under it close to the scalp making a half turn downward. I hold it for about 10-15 seconds and then proceed to the next section. EXTRA TIP: If you want more of a tousled look, curl your hair in random directions.

For this tutorial, I used the 1 1/4” curling iron by Usmooth. It features a nano-titanium barrel, ergonomic, slip-resistant handle and adjustable temperature control, and it’s super easy and safe to use!

Usmooth hair curling iron

6. Leave the ends out.

If you’re trying to get those beachy, undone waves, make sure to not curl your ends! You can also run them through the flat iron in the end, but that’s just adding an extra step, and we’re here for a quick stylish sesh, aren’t we?

effortless waves tutorial Usmooth

7. Hold the curl.

For a better hold, you can pin the curls up or support them with your hands until you feel they’re ready to be on their own.

hair tutorial easy effortless waves with Usmooth

8. Don’t brush. Let it cool.

It’s essential not to mess with your curls before they fully cool down!!! I know it’s tempting to brush your hair right away, but give it some time to let your curls set. Otherwise, your waves will be disappearing sooner than you want!

Usmooth Flex hairspray

9. Set it.

Using a hairspray in the end is considered an extra step in my book. Like I said before, I don’t like to put too much product in my hair, so I tend to only use hairspray if I have a big event and need my hair to look the same all night long. If it’s just a casual occasion, then I let my curls be and naturally turn into softer waves as the night goes. Since my hair tends to hold the curls pretty well on its own (especially if I style it with a flat iron, more on that in another post), I don’t find it necessary to use a hairspray every time. Plus, you want effortless waves, and that means being messy and undone anyway!

In this tutorial, I used the Medium Strong Flex Hairspray from Usmooth. What’s so good about it? You can layer it a few times without feeling sticky! Win win.

effortless waves Shenska Napa Valley blogger

10. Leave as is or brush for more volume.

I usually brush my hair in the end for a more refined look and added volume. However, you can leave it as is and it will look just as great!

Tips For Easy, Quick and Effortless Waves

To see more of this look, check out my effortless waves in this fashion post.


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20 thoughts on “10 Tips For Easy, Quick and Effortless Waves

  1. I love all these tips. For sure dirty hair curls better. I had never thought to add dry shampoo, but it makes sense. That can soak up some of the oil on top so your hair doesn’t look greasy. In general, I love creating waves with a hair straightener.

    1. I’m with you! I think whenever I use a straightener my curls last for days without any product! Still, it’s nice to switch it up and use a curling iron every now and then. 😉

  2. I love waves and this is a tutorial with great tips:) I agree with all your points babe, especially curling away from the face. I am a crazy woman so I wash my hair every day and it helps if you use a bit more of styling product, such as hair spray (from further distance) on the freshly done curls, let is sit in and then gently mess it up with your hands!
    Hope you are enjoying sunny weekend!
    kisses from Paris

  3. Funnily enough I was doing the washing up this evening and I was thinking how I really need to up my hair game. I either have my hair straight, in a bun or in a ponytail. Thanks so much for sharing your tips, I will be giving this a go as I love soft curls!

    1. Aww I’m glad I could help, babe! And speaking of the hair game… I really only have about two looks myself, so I could use some tutorials as well! 😉

  4. My hair definitely doesn’t curl well when I just washed it. I feel like it’s always better day two or even 3 lol! Girl you are such a natural beauty! I love your freckles! Your skin is just flawless! I know this post is about hair but I had to comment on that lol! I love the tousled curl look too! So beachy and beautiful!

    Rina Samantha

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