5 closet staples I can’t live without

Fashion speaking, every woman has her favorite things that she can’t live without or simply feels best in. For me, there are certain closet staples that are quite repetitive in my wardrobe, only because I know those are the pieces that work for me every single time! Want to know what are those? Keep reading!

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5 closet staples I can't live without

1. Faux leather biker jacket

If I had to name one jacket I wear the most, my good ol’ faux leather jacket from H&M would be the one! By now I own several jackets in similar style just because I think they’re the best! Is it a tomboy in me? I don’t know! But what I do know is that you can wear this jacket in endless combination and it will never disappoint! I also wear it all year long through all seasons, cause it’s great for layering as well!

Here are some current great, affordable options at H&M

5 closet staples winter style

2. Jeans

I love dressing up in pretty dresses, but if I could, I would always choose my trusty stretchy jeans over anything else! I’m obsessed with these from Harmony Havoc, because they feel more like leggings than denim on your skin. They’re super flattering, too! What’s your favorite jean style? I can’t live without skinny jeans!

closet staples Napa Valley blogger Shenska

3. Over the knee boots

I’m generally not a huge shoe obsessed blogger, but when I do find a good pair, I wear it to death! These Forever 21 boots were such a good bargain ($40!) three years ago, and they’re still in great shape!

Love these at Forever 21!

faux fur scarf walmart closet staples

4. Faux fur scarf

Can you believe I got this faux fur infinity scarf at Walmart?! The best $10 ever spent! If you ever want to look expensive, throw on a (cheap but good looking) piece like that and you’re all set! Extra points for staying cozy!

All under $40!

faux fur scarf Shenska
5. Aviator sunglasses

Let’s be real, not all sunglasses look great on everybody, so it’s important to find the right style for you. Ever since I tried out aviator ones, that’s pretty much all I wear and re-buy! These ones, believe it or not, I purchased at Walgreen’s on the go for a few bucks and they has served me well! Talking about a bargain shopper… #shameless

Napa Valley blogger closet staples Shenska

scarf: Walmart       jacket: H&M      jeans: Harmony Havoc      boots: Forever 21    sunglasses: Walgreen’s

What are your closet staples?

Is there something in your closet you can’t live without? Let me know!




19 thoughts on “5 closet staples I can’t live without

  1. You’ve definitely picked a great top 5 to have in your wardrobe. It’s funny that you say your H&M jacket is your favorite leather jacket because My last leather jacket was from H&M and I literally wore it until the fabric started to peal off of it! And I still didn’t want to get rid of it lol.

    Rina Samantha

  2. Loving your top 5 picks! Leather jacket is a must and I have this one which is dark blue/black and I also keep wearing it all the time:))
    I need to say I love to add hats because I fell in love with them like a year ago and I already own 4 fedoras:))
    kisses Sharka

  3. Biker jacket and jeans are also high on my list of pieces I can’t live without. I also love hats and coats.
    What else can I say? You look wonderful hun! As you know I love simple and minimalistic looks and your is great. I always liked posts with such normal sets, for me it’s more inspiring than haute couture. Kisses ;*

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