5 Fashion Photography Tips for a Successful Shoot

If you all come to Shenska regularly, you know fashion photography is one of the closest subjects to my heart. Honestly, as long as I remember, I’ve always been that kid scrapbooking photographs of models, celebrities, clothes, and beautiful locations. I guess this blog seems to be a fitting result of those childhood activities?

Since I know a lot of you enjoy these kind of posts, today I decided to share everything I learned about fashion photography so far. If you have any more questions regarding blogging or photography, please keep them coming. I’ll do my best to answer them all. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing what I do matters and that it brings you value. 😉

photography by Kayla Alaska Taylor

5 Fashion Photography Tips for a Memorable Shoot Napa wine country

Wearing: c/o Shein dress

1. Plan ahead.

This is a big one. Although every now and then I do spontaneous photo shoots that come out great, I tend to plan the rest way ahead. First, I think of an outfit and what story I want to tell around it. Then, I brainstorm what locations would work best for what I have envisioned.

Same process applies to which photographer I want to shoot a given project with.

elegant off the shoulder red dress wine country style Napa blogger

2. Get on the same wavelength with your photographer.

If a photographer asks you for your outfit details/ colors you want to wear + accessories and what locations you have in mind prior the shoot, that’s usually a great sign. In my opinion, a great photographer will be more than happy to listen to your ideas, but also won’t be afraid to suggest any changes. After all, they are the ones looking through the lens.

I believe trusting each other and being open minded + respectful is the key to successful fashion photography or any other photo shoot for that matter.


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fashion photography 101 tips Napa Valley blogger

3. Choose the right location.

Since fashion photography can be tricky sometimes, I like to have a plan B and come with at least two shooting locations in mind. Many times, my initial ideas don’t work out because of a) other people in the shot, b) time restrictions, c) trespassing 😉 or d) simply the wrong vibe for the look. That is when alternative locations come in handy.

TIP: If you value the story telling factor in your fashion photography, put more thought into locations you choose. Yes, my off the shoulder red dress may not be a realistic thing to wear to a trail, but it sure adds a lot of romanticism to the overall scene. I wanted a dreamy shot and I think going for a big contrast like an elegant dress against the countryside achieved just that. Thoughts?



red dress petite blogger Napa Valley wine country sunset

4. Pick the optimum time of the day.

Do I even have to mention how important light is for a fashion photography? Heck, photography in general! As a fashion blogger or a model you always want to show off what you wear in the best way possible.


If you’re looking for a light and airy image, shoot in the morning. If you want more romance and drama, wait for golden hour. You should NEVER underestimate the time of day and where the sun sits at the time you’re shooting. Let’s take this photo shoot as an example. I met with Kayla about 5pm knowing that the sun won’t start setting until 7:30pm. We hiked the trail and picked the best spot for these specific shots. Then we shot different outfits and waited until it gets closer to 7pm. When I was ready to flaunt this dress in the golden sun around 7pm, we only had one chance to get these shots. Trust me, once the sun starts setting, you have a small window to get the job done. Rushing through it or not, the results are usually SO worth it though!

SIDE NOTE: While they are many editing styles, I believe in representing the clothes in colors they actually are. That is another reason why choosing the right light will play such a big role in your photos.

visit Napa Valley Skyline Park sunset wine country style red dress

5. Don’t take it too seriously.

Have fun, breathe a little! Be yourself, whatever it might mean. If you ask any photographer I worked with, they will all tell you I goof around A LOT. Truth is, I don’t like to stand still in an uncomfortable pose for an extended period of time (phew), that’s why I twirl, walk, pretend to walk, swing from one leg to another and laugh a whole lot. Those moments usually end up being the best shots because they reflect my personality to a T.


If you’re more serious and edgy than girly, stick to that! Shooting with a new photographer sometimes may feel intimidating, but if you go into it just being yourself, you’ll have a fun and memorable shoot!


Do you have any other fashion photography tips for a successful shoot?

Please share!


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7 thoughts on “5 Fashion Photography Tips for a Successful Shoot

  1. I denifitely need to start using your advice! Maybe my pictures will get better at some point 😛
    Pictures from this post are just stunning – I know I say it here pretty often, but one of the best on this blog! 🙂

  2. Such great and important tips Paulina! First of all these photos are magnificent! The location and light is perfect for your red dress, love the concept and everything about it 🙂 I believe that that time of the day is the most important factor. I usually prefer to take photos early in the morning. The sun in Greece is too intense and to do that I usually wake up at 5 am which is my least favourite part but what can you do haha!
    Thanks for the inspiration, I would love to shoot on a sunset at a place like this now 🙂

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