5 Reasons You Need This Wrap Dress Now

Every woman needs a dress that will flatter her figure. For some ladies it’s swing dresses, for others (read: me) it’s all about a form-fitting attire and showing a bit of skin. Knowing what works best on your body will make it much easier on you when you shop for new pieces. In the past, I’ve wasted so much time and money on picking clothes that I loved on others, only to find they didn’t work on me at all. Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes and now it’s rare to find me in anything else than a well-fitted piece with a plunging neckline. And if it worked for me, I’m sure it will for you, too. In today’s post, I’d like to share 5 reasons why you need this Forever 21 (or any other) wrap dress in your life:

5 Reasons You Need This Wrap Dress

  1. It hugs you in all the right places.
  2. It shows just enough skin, and hides imperfections.
  3. It can be worn all year long.
  4. You can dress it up or down.
  5. You can’t beat the price for such great quality!

There you have it! 5 reasons you need this wrap dress ASAP and I promise, your friends will want it too! I can’t tell you enough how many times people asked about or complimented me when I had this beauty on. So far I’ve worn it to my birthday celebrations, wine tasting, sightseeing in Boston, Mass., and a date night. It just goes to show how versatile this dress is!








dress: Forever 21   shoes: LC Lauren Conrad    accessories: F 21

Photography by Devin Cruz – I also need to share some love for my dear friend and photographer Devin! It was our second time shooting together and I truly can’t wait for more! There’s something beautiful in sharing a passion and working on cool things with awesome people, don’t you agree?! For me it just sounds like a dream job.

Devin is based in New York City but also travels a lot for her projects, so if you’re in need of a photographer, give her a call!




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