Chatham Bars Inn – Cape Cod Resort

Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod Resort

As the days get cooler and we’re almost ready to say goodbye to summer, I find myself reminiscing about my August trip to Cape Cod and a wonderful stay at Chatham Bars Inn. Since it was my second time staying at this New England resort, I thought it’s time to share a few of the many things I love about this place.


First things first: The location. Chatham is a small town in Massachusetts located about an hour and a 1/2 away from Boston. Think beautiful New England architecture (white exterior, colorful doors, window frames), hydrangeas here and there, the ocean, great sea food (clam chowder and lobster on a daily). All of this and more is what makes Cape Cod so attractive and worth visiting.

chatham-bars-inn-cape-cod-resortChatham Bars Inn Cape Cod resort was established in 1912 and a lot changed since then. If you ever happen to be in Chatham, you’ll notice that the resort is so big, it basically IS the town now. It’s almost hard to tell what’s still a part of the resort, and what are already the private residences.


Our cottage (pictured above) consisted of two bedrooms, two baths and a shared living space/ family room. There are so many different rooms, cottages and houses to rent at Chatham Bars Inn, that I think it’s great for working with different budgets. Whether you need a secluded place or you want to be in the center of everything, there’s a house for you there. Also, some residences have the most gorgeous views overlooking the ocean, the whole resort or…

chatham-bars-inn-outdoor-barThe outdoor bar! Our cottage opened to this fun and lively space. And before you think it’s too much to have a bar right outside your door, no worries. Kids won’t be bothered when it’s bedtime, the place quiets down at a reasonable hour. Regardless, before it does, you get to enjoy a dinner/ drinks al fresco, live music and a wonderful company! Isn’t it what life is about?!



One of the cottages overlooking the ocean and the pool area.


The first few days of our stay at the Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod resort we had quite a foggy, rainy weather. I wasn’t upset about it at all, since I was expecting a lot more humid East Coast air. Here wearing a sweater from Kohl’s, H&M tee and Hot Kiss denim shorts.

chatham-bars-inn-outdoorsA walk to the main part of the resort. We often had lunch/ dinner at the patio with an incredible view.


Speaking of dining, what’s better than enjoying a cold beverage while waiting for your reservation? These chairs are sitting on top of the hill overlooking the main entrance to the resort and the beach. Perfect spot for people watching if you ask me…. 😉



Resort living calls for denim shorts and swimsuits on a daily! I love this scalloped Old Navy swimsuit, because it works perfectly as a top and it’s hard to tell I’m actually wearing a bathing suit.


Flowers. Beautiful flowers everywhere! There’s honestly no corner at this resort that’s not worth exploring. #eyecandy

chatham-bars-inn-overviewA walk down to the beach.


Another option for dining al fresco. Bring your kids down here so they can play in the sand while you get to enjoy your dinner. The resort also offers many activities for kids and adults at this space. Clam bake, s’mores and live music are just a few of them.



Speaking of kids, there are many camps available for them as well. If you find yourself in need of some alone time, you can take advantage of this “day care” option. I’d say Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod resort is a family – single – newly engaged – married friendly place, so it can be truly enjoyed by everyone. In fact, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t see kids playing, people getting married, having their professional family photos taken or partying it up. I think that says a lot about how versatile this resort can be.


Needless to say, I would highly recommend staying at this resort. If you ever decide to visit Cape Cod and have more questions about the place, please email me! I will be happy to give you some recommendations.

Thank you for having us, Chatham Bars Inn!




24 thoughts on “Chatham Bars Inn – Cape Cod Resort

  1. Ale świetne miejsce, uwielbiam tego typu resorty. Taki klimat dzieciństwa, jak jeździłam w tego typu miejsca z rodzicami. Ale mi się marzy gdzieś pojechać chociaż na weekend, może w październiku się uda.
    BTW. Świetnie wyglądasz w szortach,masz bardzo zgrabne nogi!

    Pozdrawiam z Polski 🙂

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