Cyber Monday Deals


Cyber Monday deals are here and I can’t wait to show you all my favorite purchases so far! If you haven’t heard already, this is the day where all you online shopping dreams come true, so don’t miss out! I’ve been eyeing some of these items for a while now and am so happy I waited for the prices to drop even more! Here it goes:



I do most of my shopping at Forever 21, so I could easily fill this post with just their collection. They currently offer 21% off all online orders plus free shipping, so get on it! There are my top 3 items as of now:   1, 2, 3



I already purchased this Liz Carbone bag (fun story: I saw this bag at JC Penney and literally screamed when I saw its name: Paulina. Haha, how perfect is that?! Needless to say, I had to get it!) Also, It’s only about $30 when you apply a discount code!

I hope you found this Cyber Monday Deals roundup helpful!

10 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Deals

  1. Ale piękne rzeczy, u nas niestety wyprzedaże są takie, że nie bardzo je człowiek odczuwa. Świetna torebka, przypomina mi odrobinę Furlę. Pozdrawiam serdecznie 🙂

    1. Pamietam ze w Polsce te wyprzedaze takie nijakie zawsze byly… plus zawsze robia problemy ze zwrotami! Tutaj w Ameryce zwroty sa praktycznie zawsze akceptowane i “mile” widziane jesli sie moge tak wyrazic, hehe. Pozdrawiam!

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