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Today’s post is for all my ladies (and guys) who always wanted voluminous hair without trying to hard. I always consider simple solutions to be the best ones, because it’s better to work smart than hard, don’t you think? So what if I told you that the only thing to change your hair game for the better is to use better products? No extra steps needed!

In today’s post, I’m happy to share with you my first product review of a professional hair care line that will truly change your daily routine! If you’re like me and have fine hair and you always look for that extra volume, then keep on reading! I have noticed quite a difference sine I started using USMOOTH hair products over a month ago, and I am happy to share with you why you should give them a try as well. Shall we?

usmooth professional hair care line volume

I have a lot of hair but its rather fine, so more often than not it looks sleek and is lacking volume, especially on top. When choosing Usmooth products, I was looking for volumizing features. That’s how I ended up with the Volume Series.

usmooth volume cleanse and conditioner Voluminous Hair


The Volume shampoo and conditioner both contain sunflower oil to naturally protect the hair and the color retention. I recently went a bit blonder with my hair so anything that can help the color stay exactly like it is, I love!

IMPORTANT STEP: The volume properties come in the conditioner. It is enriched with a body building protein complex and it plumps the cuticle, so it’s crucial to not skip you conditioner, ladies.

+ Both the shampoo and conditioner are very gentle, and they didn’t weigh my hair down. Smelled nice, too!

– I loved the sleek design of the products, however, if you don’t keep your bottles upside down in the shower, the product needs time to come out of the bottle and it requires a lot of squeezing, which can be frustrating.

usmooth thickening lotion plump


The Plump is cultivated for fine and shapeless hair. It is enriched with rice protein and sunflower extract. I specifically did my hair care routine with an without adding the lotion a few times to see the results. To get voluminous hair, make sure you distribute the product evenly throughout your towel dried hair.

+ I can confidently say that the lotion did not weigh down my hair and I definitely saw a change in the way my hair was behaving. A simple fluff kept my hair looking voluminous and is if I actually styled it!

 Unfortunately, the pump in my product didn’t really work so I had to get the lotion from the bottle another way. I don’t know if that was just a problem with my bottle, but I want you to keep that in mind.

usmooth flex hairspray Voluminous Hair


The Flex prepares your fine hair prior thermal styling. It is soft and not sticky, which is always a great plus when it comes to hairsprays. For additional hold, you can layer the product a few times and  I can guarantee you won’t feel like you’re wearing a helmet! +++

usmooth haispray flex Voluminous Hair

usmooth hairspray flex Shenska

Overall, I’m really happy with the hair products I received from the Usmooth team. My hair felt better and I didn’t feel a need to style it to much to get more volume in my hair, and that’s always a big + for me!

Stay tuned for my next beauty post with Usmooth, where I’ll be reviewing their curling iron!


Want Voluminous hair?

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Thank you Usmooth for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

26 thoughts on “Get Voluminous Hair with Usmooth

  1. I have very similar hair to your babe in that I have a lot of it but it’s very fine. My volume depends on how I sleep on my hair or how wet it is when I go to bed lol. Sometimes I need to use a flatiron because the mane gets too voluminous at the crown when I wake up. Will definitely need to look into these products. Your hair always looks beautiful!


    1. Haha same here, it all depends how I left my hair when I went to bed 😛 the top knot usually works best but that’s when you want so waves. I recently started using a hair clip just on top, so that help too. Thanks for stopping by, beauty!

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