Harvest Time at V. Sattui

Napa Valley V. Sattui vineyard
While still struggling with leaving California behind, I decided to write this post to reminisce about the great time I’ve spent in the Napa Valley.

One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had while being there (besides meeting wonderful people) was getting to work with a fellow photographer. I should clarify right away though, because photo shooting with Justin definitely didn’t feel like work! It’s amazing what can happen when you put two people together who share the same passion. Justin and I had loads of fun capturing moments, roaming the V. Sattui vineyards and chasing the sun.

On a side note: It’s the harvest time in Napa Valley right now, which means one thing: it’s time to make some wine! I can’t wait to be back in California next year to taste and photograph some more!

I hope you’ll all like what me and Justin worked for!

V. Sattui
V. Sattui vineyard
V. Sattui winery
V. Sattui vines
V. Sattui wine
wine tasting in Forever 21
V. Sattui harvest time
Napa Valley blogger at V.Sattui
Napa Valley fashion blogger at V. Sattui

dress: Forever 21  shoes: Target  earrings: H&M




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