How To Dress Down a Bodycon Dress

Even though I like to wear bodycon dresses, there’s something else I love even more. Comfort. Recently, I’ve been looking for ways on how to incorporate these both things into one look and I think I found it!

This Shein bodycon dress comes with some serious plunging neckline, which makes it a pretty fancy number to wear. However, it turns out that if you pair it with a casual jacket and comfy shoes, throw your hair in fun low buns, you can rock that dress almost anywhere you want!

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how to dress down a bodycon dress

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dress: c/o Shein         shoes: H&M       jacket: AEO

Did I mention this dress is only $14?! Shein just never cease to amaze me! For less than $15 you can have a flattering dress made of a good material (not seethrough at all, nice and thick) that comes with adjustable straps. I don’t know about you but it’s a win win for me!



5 thoughts on “How To Dress Down a Bodycon Dress

  1. Love bodycon dresses and I cannot wait to wear them again:))) You have a great curvy body for them, they really look best on bodies with shapes rather a straight long boyish figures. I am so jealous of the weather over there!
    kisses Sharka

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