How To Style A Lace-Up Bodysuit


Wearing revealing pieces of clothing are not something every woman is comfortable with. Seeing my photos today, it’s probably hard to believe that just a few years ago I wouldn’t put on anything too tight, short or that was showing too much cleavage. It’s been definitely a trial & error process to finally figure out what worked best FOR and ON me. Once I learned that, I started rocking dresses and tops with plunging necklines and skin tight pieces, because they emphasized my petite yet curvy figure in the good way.

I believe knowing what works best for your figure should be your #1 fashion rule. However, you also need to learn how to style those pieces. Let’s take the lace-up bodysuit – one of the hottest trends that’s been around… This daring trend might not seem for everybody. Some people may even say it’s too sexy or “out there”. Nevertheless, I believe that if you know how to style a lace-bodysuit right, you can wear it without a shame! To tone my look down a bit, I paired my lace-up bodysuit with a moto jacket from Target, Hot Kiss jeans and over the knee boots from Forever 21. Throwing a solid jacket over the bodysuit gives you that extra armor in case you feel insecure around some people. Choosing jeans and long boots over a skirt also gives this look more of a cozy feel.

Do you agree? Is a lace-up bodysuit something you’d be comfortable wearing?

photography by B.F. Imagery






how to wear a lace up bodysuit




Bodysuit: Legendary + Rose   Jacket: Target  Jeans: Hot Kiss  Boots: Forever 21




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