How To Wear Velvet Without Looking Cheap

Whenever a new trend hits the fashion market, it’s almost as if it was doing us a favor… or not. It’s always great trying new things outside our comfort zone, staying inspired, fun and up to date. However, the problem occurs when the so-called IT thing of the moment can be seen on every single person. Why you may ask? Because more likely than not, they bought the knock off copy of the original thing, which often results in looking plain cheap.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a perfect example of buying a cheaper (aka wallet-friendly) version of that trendy layered ruffle sleeve sweater or off the shoulder dress. But that doesn’t happen unless I make sure that:

1. The current trend looks good on my body type;
2. That sweater or dress actually looks and feels good in person (not only in the pictures – material matters!)
3. You can’t tell by looking at it how affordable it was!

So there you have it! My top 3 rules I followed to decide how to wear velvet without looking cheap. What are your tips?!

photography by Justin Stevens

two piece velvet dress

How To Wear Velvet Without Looking Cheap

Shein velvet navy dress

how to wear velvet

open back velvet dress

wear velvet right

Shein style

Shein velvet dress

How to wear velvet and not look cheap with Shein

Zaful sunglasses

Kate and Kate star earrings Shahimi

A quick shout out to my girls at Kate & Kate for sending me these show stopping Shashi earrings! I’m obsessed!

Shein two piece

top & skirt: Shein c/o       shoes: Nine West      earrings: Shashi via Kate & Kate     watch: Target


SHEIN is a perfect example of the online destination that carries your latest favorite trends at affordable prices. Just like at any other store, there can be hits and misses, but so far, I haven’t had a bad purchase from their store. Want to know my secret on making a great purchase? ALWAYS pay attention to sizing charts! They are not all the same. Example: My latest post about a perfect attire for brunch is all about this skin tight dress that I ordered in size XS. The velvet dress in today’s post is also fitted, but I got it in size M instead. Similar style, different material and the stretch = different sizing!

Overall, I’m very happy with this velvet two-piece set. It does not look cheap at all, plus I can wear it separately and create different looks. Not to mention, that it’s uber comfortable! Isn’t that why we all love to wear velvet so much?!




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  1. I like Shein products, the quality is good and things look great when they come. What is funny it’s that I’m waiting for same set as on your pictures. Kisses 🙂

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