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Happy Friday, everyone!

If you ever find yourself in social situations when you feel greatly under-dressed, then today’s post is for you! Let’s talk Napa Valley brunch dress code, shall we? Not that there’s any established rules as to how you’re supposed be dressed when dining in the wine country… These are simply my observations after living here for almost a year.

Let me just preface by saying, Napa Valley is certainly a great place to be. It offers a variety of Michelin Star restaurants and bars, so if you love great food and top service, you won’t be disappointed. There’s many places worth mentioning (a Napa Valley guide coming soon), but today, I’d like to focus on one restaurant in particular.

Archetype is located in Saint Helena, California, and if you’ve never been, put it on your list asap! You’ll find there locally farmed American meals that will leave your mouth water for days. A perfect example? Order their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes or the Boneless Babyback Rib Sandwich. You can thank me later! See the full menu here.

photography by Justin Stevens

best brunch in Napa Valley Archetype

Now, what to wear to a Sunday (or any other day) brunch? Sure, Sundays are for being lazy, but in Saint Helena, more likely than not, you’ll find people well put together. At least for my standards. 😉 After all, Napa Valley is a pretty fancy place to be! Plus, it’s always appreciated when you make an effort to look great on the weekend.

For my visit to Archetype, I went with this Shein dress that just screams perfection. It even fit the restaurant’s interior! I am absolutely obsessed with all the ruffle detail on the dress. It adds a perfect touch of feminine and flirty. However, the dress is pretty snug and doesn’t stretch well (I’m wearing size XS for reference), so if you’re looking for a more comfortable feeling, check out my other brunch dress code suggestions at the bottom of the post.

brunch dress code spring style ruffle sleeves dress Napa Valley blogger Shenska

spring style dress from Shein

spring fashion shein ruffle dress Napa Valley blogger

Archetype Napa Valley restaurant blogger

ruffe sleeves spring dress Shein blue dress

Napa Valley spring fashion ruffle dress

Napa Valley spring style dress Shenska

blue ruffle dress Shein

what to wear to a brunch in Napa Valley

Archetype Napa Valley brunch dress code fashion blogger

Archetype Napa Valley

spring fashion Napa Valley Shenska blogger

dress: Shein c/o            shoes: LC Lauren Conrad       sunglasses: Zaful c/o   bag: Steve Madden




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  1. I couldn’t even believe this dress was from She In! I saw it and instantly fell in love on Insta and was soo excited for this post. I swear this dress was made for you and fits you perfectly! I love all the ruffles and striped print. So on trend and pretty! Loving all the variety in your photos too babe!

    Rina Samantha

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