#1 Reason Why You Should Visit Napa Valley

I said it before (in this post) and I’ll say it again. You should most certainly visit Napa Valley for all it has to offer (wine, food, scenery, shops), but most importantly, you should visit it for the people. Trust me. I have lived in many places around the world before but I haven’t felt a sense of community as strong as I did here.

Granted, the wine country (emphasis on the word country) is rather small. Therefore, it’s much easier to bump into the same people all the time and know a friend of a friend just because you know some other friend. However, what we all have in common here is always the love for the place we live in. We all want Napa Valley to thrive and that’s why you’ll always feel like it’s your home. I have never heard a person say that they didn’t want to come back. Heck, I spent one summer in the country and a year later, here I was calling it my new home.

What about you? Did you ever make a major decision to move to a place because it made you feel like home while you were just visiting?

 L.Erickson photography

visit napa valley Shenska Napa blogger

#1 Reason Why You Should Visit Napa Valley

visit Napa Valley Shenska

Today’s photos are a perfect example on how the community works in Napa Valley. I partnered up with Nadine of 2 Weeks Notice Clothing (a Napa based online boutique, read more about it here) and the photographer Lenore Erickson for this passion project because we all had something in common – wanting to help each other out. All business aside, we spent a fun-filled Sunday and what’s even more important, quickly became friends.

visit Napa Valley wine country Shenska

Why I love Napa Valley

Why I love living in wine country visit Napa Valley

visit Napa Valley Napa fashion blogger Shenska

top: Moon River via 2 Weeks Notice       skirt: Blue Faith Denim      shoes: LC Lauren Conrad

Did you ever visit Napa Valley? What was your first impression? Please do share!

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