Spring Arrivals at Boho Lifestyle Boutique

Do you ever walk into a store and feel overwhelmed (in a good sense) because you want to buy everything you see in there?! A few months ago, I started sharing local, Napa Valley brands that are worth discovering and Boho Lifestyle boutique was one of my first features. It also quickly became my favorite and here’s why!

Among fabulous bohemian pieces you can always find good quality staples at their store, which means there’s something in there for everybody. And if you’re like me and love wearing clothing that feels great on your body, then don’t go, but run to their store! You won’t find any cheap Polyester there, but the softest materials at great prices!

I was so impressed with Boho Lifestyle’s recent collection last time I visited them, that I couldn’t help but share my favorite spring arrivals at the boutique right now.

Boho Lifestyle Spring Arrivials at store

Boho Lifestyle shoe section

Those beauties are just $42 and amazing quality! And who doesn’t love this color?!

Boho Lifestyle spring arrivals collection

spring collection at Boho Lifestyle

They always style their mannequins to perfection! How cute is this take on the classic off the shoulder top?

Boho Lifestyle Spring Napa

Boho Lifestyle in Napa California

Love a mustard color for spring!

Boho Lifestyle Spring Napa Valley

Let’s not forget about accessories!

Boho Lifestyle bracelets

jewelry spring Boho Lifestyle Napa Valley

earrings Boho Lifestyle Valentines

Boho Lifestyle accessories

You can find a lot of beautifully made jewelry (some of them come from local Napa Valley artists) for a very reasonable price! If you love dainty pieces, you can find those at Boho in the $5-$30 range. Amazing!

Boho Lifestyle details accessories Napa Valley

Boho Lifestyle lingerie

Boho Lifestyle Spring collection

Make sure to come back to the blog next week, as I’ll be sharing my Valentine’s Day look and a sweet spring inspired outfit featuring Boho Lifestyle pieces!



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