Summer Style in Lake Tahoe feat. Boho Lifestyle

Ah, what it was a weekend! The minute I got back from my little getaway, I immediately started writing this post, because I have so much to share! What we did, what we saw, what I packed/ wore, and everything in between. Since I know most of you come here for fashion and styling advice, let me start off¬†with summer style in Lake Tahoe. ūüėČ

I didn’t pack too much for our trip to Tahoe, because well, it’s summer and I knew we will spend most of our time on the beach anyway. That means, I¬†needed one good pair of denim shorts, a swimsuit, two cute tops, and¬†voila!

But first, in order to bring some new, cute stuff, I had to drop by my favorite boutique in Napa – Boho Lifestyle. You’ve seen me wearing their clothes many times before (see it all here),¬†so there’s no surprise here. Everything that you see in today’s post (sans the shoes) is courtesy of Boho. Let’s break it down.

photography by Devin Cruz

Summer Style in Lake Tahoe feat. Boho Lifestyle


You guys, these pink, denim shorts must be the most out of my comfort zone item I’ve worn in a while. I mean, the booty is out! I don’t know about you, but it took me a hot minute to get used to this style. Nevertheless, we’re talking¬†summer style in Lake Tahoe, so it’s all good, right?

Seriously¬†tho, get your hands¬†on these shorts while you can, because Boho tends to sell out very quickly. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these amazingly daring and quality shorts.

Lake Tahoe summer style

summer style Lake Tahoe


Not sure if the 50’s crop top term is appropriate here, but that’s how I felt wearing this piece. It’s¬†definitely my favorite top as of now, and I can already think of countless more outfit ideas. The best part? The cut is so amazing that you don’t need any bra underneath! Could you tell I’m not wearing any? Total score!

what to wear to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe vacation style with Boho Lifestyle

summer style in Boho Lifestyle


Don’t you hate when you lose your favorite pair of sunglasses? After losing my go to pair just recently, I immediately started looking for another over-sized¬†option, and that’s when Boho Lifestyle came to the rescue. They always carry the cutest collection of sunnies for just around $15, so make sure you check them out!

summer style Lake Tahoe vacation

You can buy my go to summer shoes here.

Boho Lifestyle summer style outfit idea Tahoe

Lake Tahoe vacation

top: Boho Lifestyle       shorts:  Boho Lifestyle      sunglasses: Boho Lifestyle     shoes: Steve Madden

What’s your favorite summer style in Lake Tahoe piece?


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