What To Wear For Northern California Winter

Before I moved to Northern California (Bay Area – Napa Valley to be exact), I thought I’m the luckiest girl on the planet and I’ll never have to deal with cold, winter days anymore. Don’t get me wrong, most of this statement is still true, however, it turns out Northern California winter is not always just sunshine and butterflies. Even more so, if you live in the valley or near the bay.

I quickly learned that while most days in Napa Valley are sunny and beautiful, nights and mornings get pretty cold. Nevertheless, getting used to high jumps in temperatures was still a small price to pay for living in such a beautiful place. I mean come one, we had a beautiful fall up until mid December! If you ask me what the weather is like right now, I will say it’s been gray and rainy for days with a side of flood warnings more recently! Not that fun, but hey, I’d still take that over freezing, winter days in Delaware (or Poland).

Now, what to wear for Northern California winter? If we’re talking just Napa Valley, most days you’ll be alright with just a cozy sweater like this over-sized off the shoulder one from Zaful, which I seriously wear on repeat! However, always remember about the layers. Scarves and vests (see how I styled one in this post) are definitely your friend, too!

If you decide to visit the valley soon, don’t forget about the hat, an umbrella and the rain boots!


What To Wear For Northern California Winter






sweater: ZAFUL c/o      pants: H&M      necklace: Forever 21     boots: boutique in Texas




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20 thoughts on “What To Wear For Northern California Winter

  1. Each post seems to be better and more professional and picture are just beautiful!
    I was thinking a lot about introducing some fashion posts to my blog but I still have some doubts. I’m afraid I’m not a good model and I don’t know if my husband can take some good fashion pics 😉

    1. Aw thank you so much, Kasia! You made my day with your sweet comment!!! I’m trying to take this year by storm, it’s about time! And it’s funny that you compliment my photos because whenever I am on your website, I always have such a good time reading your posts! I wish I could write like that! As far as fashion pics go, of course you can do it, too! I’ve seen your photos on Instagram so I know you can! Don’t ever limit yourself, darling! xoxo

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