Travel Tips: What To Wear Sightseeing in Boston


In today’s post I’d like to share a recap of what I wore on my recent vacation, as well as share my travel tips on what to wear sightseeing in Boston.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find deciding what to wear for sightseeing dreadful. When packing, we not only need to take into consideration (often unpredictable or surprising) weather conditions, but also places and occasions we might come by. For some people it’s all about looking stylish, for others comfort is all it matters. Since I like when both of these go together. Take a look!


Looking for a perfect wrap dress? I have one for you! This Forever 21 beauty is not only affordable (under $16!), but also so stylish and comfortable! I love it so much because it’s perfect to explore the city in style or dress it up with heels and some accessories for the night. And.Oh.So.Flattering.Too! Just don’t wear it on a windy day, trust me!


Not the most fashionable moment, but this is my reality. While I love dressing up, I want to be comfortable even more. Hence, you will most likely find me wearing flats (All day, every day; especially loving these from Hot Kiss) and a practical bag… Meaning my camera bag that also fits my money, ID and the phone. Call me lazy but the last thing I want is dragging a heavy purse with lots of unnecessary things inside. 😉



One of my favorite sunglasses are these thick-framed square ones from Forever 21! There’s nothing better for me than going on vacation and not having to worry about make up! I usually just throw on my favorite pair of sunnies and I’m ready to go. 😉 Also, can we talk about this Kendall + Kylie choker top?! It’s made of the softest material ever and it’s so lightweight – perfect for exploring the city in the summer. See how I styled it here.


Now onto the bargain of the year – this Abercrombie & Fitz front knot dress! Here’s the story behind this particular purchase: I’ve been eyeing this little number for a while ever since I first saw it on Meggan from Somewhere, Lately. It was perfect style, color, I simply needed to have it. However, the price point wasn’t that great for me so eventually, I have moved on. It wasn’t until I went back to Meggan’s blog and saw their Weekend Deals post. This dress was on a major sale, and since I was in Boston at the time, I ordered it for pickup in store. Not only I saved money on sale taxes but also shipping! I ended up getingt this dress for $16. Just thought I’d share this story with you, so you know there’s always ways to save money on clothes! #BargainAddict #YoureWelcome


I don’t know about you but I love simple yet flattering dresses, and this one is just that. Actually, it’s more! It hides imperfections in all the right places and yes…. You can finally eat all you want when on vacation! Also, did you notice I’m wearing flats again?




What are your favorite pieces to wear for sightseeing? Let me know!



12 thoughts on “Travel Tips: What To Wear Sightseeing in Boston

  1. Hi! I also like feeling comfortable and stylish all the time, no matter if I’m staying at home, going for dinner, barbeque or vacation. I love dresses but I also love jeans. Wow girl! You look incredible and stunning in this dresses both in burgundy one and grey. You have a perfect shaped body, keep wearing pieces like this.
    Kisses from Poland!
    Klaudia 😉

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