5 Winter Layering Tips

I recently ventured outside Napa Valley to spend a few days in Las Vegas with my mama. To our surprise, lots of sun in Sin City was accompanied by a lot colder temperatures! While high 40s or low 50s are not too bad, we sure were hoping for warmer weather in Vegas…

Now don’t get me wrong. We did check the weather forecast before we packed for our trip, so most of our luggage was filled with cozy layers. Nevertheless, we did end up shopping in Vegas and that is how today’s outfit came to life! On our first day in the city, we stopped by Marshalls (just out of curiosity) and oh boy, did I find some good stuff! One of my favorite purchases was this faux leather moto vest with a detachable faux fur lining. To find such a cool piece for $35, it was a no (purchase) brainer. Don’t you agree?

It also turned out that my new moto vest looked great underneath my pink plaid coat, which brings me straight to the topic of today’s post. If you’re looking for some winter layering tips, I’ve got some for you. Keep on reading!

Vegas winter style

1. Don’t be afraid to layer 2 jackets.

Or in my case, wear a vest underneath a jacket. Since both of these layers had similar necklines/ outlines, they created a perfectly cozy duo! You might even think that they are supposed to go together, if I haven’t pointed it out myself…

winter style pink plaid coat

winter style faux fur moto vest

Going with a vest underneath your coat also guarantees that you won’t look too bulky! You don’t really want that snowman look, do you?

plaid coat layering fur winter style Shenska

2. Keep it neutral or in the friendly color palette.

I don’t know about you, but I consider grey, black and lighter pinks my go to colors. You can never go wrong with those three! When winter layering comes to place, I think it’s good to keep a healthy balance within your layers, so again, you want end up looking like a snowman. Sure, monochromatic looks are my jam too, but be careful not to overdo it.

layering up winter style pink plaid coat

3. Balance it out. 

If you’re wearing three layers on top, make sure your bottom is skin tight for a good looking balance. Choose over the knee boots (or other fitted shoes) with your favorite pair of  skinny jeans (or leggings) and voila! Double coverage = cozy layers!

winter layering tips

4. Dare to mix and match. 

Tweed, faux fur and leather, velvet, cotton – they can all look great together if you just try them on! I didn’t intend to wear all of these layers together thinking it would be too much. But sometimes to change your mind all you have to do is experiment. In my case, I think it worked!

winter style Las Vegas trip layers cozy

5. Have fun with it!

Ultimately, it’s whatever you feel good in will that determine whether or not you wear something. I am not much of a risk taker, especially when my comfort is concerned. This look was not a result of planning but much rather the circumstances (it was quite chilly, guys!). However, I decided to try something new to keep warm and I liked the results!

double layers winter style shenska

Vegas style winter layering tips

doubling the layers for winter style

sweater: Boohoo   vest: Marshalls    coat:  Top Secret    jeans: Old Navy      boots: F 21       sunglasses: ILYMIX



What are your favorite Winter Layering Tips?

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