11.23.20 2

Luxury Holiday Picnic in Napa Valley

When I think of Napa Valley this time of year, I see myself somewhere amongst colorful vineyards, sipping on my favorite wine. Even better if there’s a luxury holiday picnic involved… Earlier in November, I had an opportunity to team…

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12.27.19 2

My Favorite Purchases of the Year

2019 sure was a good year for us. Between getting married (again) and buying our first home, it’s safe to say it was a year to remember. Now that the holiday frenzy is over and we’re so close to finishing…

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11.26.19 3

Living Room Update with Photowall

If you’ve seen my big announcement, you already know we recently bought our first home! While we have been living in it for a little over a month, there’s obviously still a lot on our to-do list. However, I’m so…

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10.21.19 4

We Bought Our First Home!!! [Moving Vlog]

As you know, this year has been huge for us. We spent most of the first half of it planning our wedding, we got married (again) in the summer and then embraced the possibility of moving. What I didn’t really…

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