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Flawless Instagram Feed: 6 Pro Tips From My Favorite Influencers

Let’s talk Instagram. In particular, how to achieve that flawless Instagram feed.

Over the years, I learned a thing or two about planning that eye-catching grid, yet I still feel like I haven’t found my aesthetic. It’s both because I like to switch things up quite regularly, and because there’s just too much to share! Most of the time, once I figure out how I like my Instagram feed to be, there comes a photo that I simply feel like sharing. RIGHT NOW. Even if it doesn’t really go with my ongoing theme… What do you do?

There are many influencers out there who rocking the content creation game, so I reached out to some of them and simply asked for their pro tips on achieving that flawless Instagram feed. The response was amazing and I can’t wait to share it all with you. I hope you’ll learn from them as much as I did. Shall we?

6 Pro Tips For Planning Your Flawless Instagram Feed From My Favorite Influencers

Delaney of @delaneychilds

Use the tool UNUM to plan out which posts compliment each other best.

Take quality over quantity.

the Skinny Confidential

Lauryn of @laurynbosstick

Use the app SNUG to plan your feed- mix it up, don’t post 4 selfies in a row.

Bring down the saturation a bit & always shoot in natural light.

lisa homsy

Lisa of @lisahomsy

So in getting the perfect insta feed… hmmm the biggest thing for me and my rapid growth was developing a consistent photography and editing style. You want your followers to be able to look at a picture and without even seeing the name say that’s a Lisa Homsy photo! My editing style has progressed a lot over the past year from using VSCO on my phone to upgrading to Adobe Lightroom and now selling my own presets on my website!

rina samantha from And She Dressed

Rina of @rinasamantha

To help my feed be cohesive I’ve chosen a common theme of blacks, whites, grays and pinks. I usually choose neutral backgrounds and buildings for my background when I take photos. If a photo is too bright or saturated and the colors don’t exactly match my feed, I’ll tone down the Saturation of those colors and play up the ones that do match my grid . I also love including lots of flowers because it keeps everything so pretty and girly. I plan my feed on VSCO app and I usually know what I’m posting a week in advance to keep it as cohesive as possible.

Dazey LA

Dani of @dazey_la

I think it’s all about planning the grid 🙂 Use an app called UNUM to plan it a weeks in advance! I also always make sure diagonal posts are similar in background color! You always want to create a “checker board” look with your grid 🙂

tusks and tails Ashlee

Ashlee of @tusksandtails

I always try to mix it up! For example if I post a photo of myself I like the next photo to be something else like a flat lay, city, food or even a #FromWhereIStand. I try to do this because I love when other feeds are a mix of lifestyle and fashion!

There you have it!

To sum it all up: Use an app to plan your feed in advance (I do that with UNUM also), switch it up (e.g., I don’t like when my outfit photos “stand” on top of each other, so I always make sure there’s a gap in between), stay consistent (if you use a certain palette/ hues/ filters – stick with it or when you decide to try something new, keep the new posts coming in that new aesthetic), and BE ORIGINAL. There’s many amazing feeds out there to look up to, but being authentic is what will get you far and consistent growth!

What are your favorite tips for achieving that flawless Instagram feed?

Please share!

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  1. Ashlee wrote:

    You have such great inspiration also girl, love following your page!


    Published 7.14.17
  2. Rina wrote:

    Thanks for featuring me in this post babe. I feel honored that you feel that I have a nice Instafeed. The other ladies above have such beautiful feeds! I need to look into this UNUM program!

    Rina Samantha

    Published 7.14.17
  3. Great post! Really good tips…I’m going to have to check into some of these apps!

    Published 7.15.17
  4. I love Instagram accounts that use particular colors – like Lauryn 🙂 It’s impossible for me though to stay in similar colors all the time 😉 Instagram is my photo diary and it’s definitely too much going on – sometime I need to share stuff that’s maybe not very easthetic but I just feel like sharing it asap 😀 I use the rule of symmetry – I don’t post three selfies next to each other and I try to combine pictures of views/things with pictures of people :)))

    Published 7.15.17
  5. Jessica wrote:

    Their Insta feeds are dreamy indeed. Thank you for sharing these tips, Paulina!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    Published 7.17.17
  6. Elise wrote:

    Love all this inspo!! Amazing feeds!

    xx, Elise

    Published 7.18.17
  7. These babes are killing the Instagram feed thanks for sharing this post :)xo!

    Published 8.7.17
  8. I used to edit in VSCOcam too. Now out from all the apps mentioned I only use UNUM. To edit my pics I susually use Polarr, it’s great ♥

    Published 8.7.17
  9. Tina wrote:

    These are such great tips! There are quite a few Instagrammers whom you’ve mentioned that I don’t know! But I’m glad I’ve discovered them!

    Published 8.7.17
  10. Brittany wrote:

    Omg I’ve been looking to makeover my IG and needed to see these beautiful examples. Thank you for sharing!

    Published 8.8.17
  11. So many great tips!! These insta feeds are all spot on!

    Published 8.8.17
  12. This was such a great read! What an amazing idea! As a new blogger this was so resourceful and informative for me!


    Published 8.8.17