My favorite home decor pieces, furniture, and other essentials to made our Napa Valley house feel like a home. All of these items are the things we purchased and highly recommend!


If you’ve seen our latest home DIY project on Instagram, you know we just painted our kitchen cabinets! Spray painting was an obvious choice to give our cabinetry a professional look. It also was a more efficient way to tackle such a huge painting project! Since our cup hook painting hack went viral, I’ve gotten a lot of question about the tools we used for this makeover. Below you can find the products I recommend and an alternative to the cup hooks that some of you suggested:


My love for Aeptom bamboo bed linens runs deep! If you’re looking for bed sheets (and comforters) that not only feel silky soft but are also breathable, temperature regulating and moisture wicking, you need to try this brand. Just a fair warning, you may not want to ever leave your bed again! I know they added a touch of luxury our bedroom needed.

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Home organizing is my love language! No matter if it’s a kitchen, closet, bathroom or a garage, I feel so much better when everything is in order. Below items are just some of my recent favorite purchases:


We finally transformed an empty corner in our kitchen into a functional space! This kitchen banquette was exactly what we were looking for. Extremely easy to put together and adds a ton of extra storage! We painted it to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets and then added bench cushions and decorative pillows for some more texture and comfort.


The right cabinet hardware can add a touch of personality and take your cabinetry to another level. We decided on mixing cabinet knobs on doors with handles on the drawers and we love the result! The antique brass looks just beautiful against our moody green paint color.


If you’re like me and you’ve had more than one failed attempt at gardening herbs and vegetables outside, than this product is for you! I got this indoor garden for Christmas and in just a month was able to harvest homegrown basil! The setup is incredibly easy and involves just three simple steps (adding water, plant food, and plant seed pods). No sun, soil, or green thumb required!


A drawer dedicated to tea was always on my dream homeowner list! When I finally decided to organize ours, I had to maximize the rather small drawer space. Thankfully, this set of 15 square jars is still an ample size (10 oz) and turned out to be a perfect solution for storing our loose tea and tea bags!


If you’re into juicing – I love this compact masticating cold press juicer! I also recently started making my own sourdough and this sourdough starter kit has been super helpful!


I’ve been looking for ways to limit visual clutter on our kitchen countertops and that’s how I came across this solution for storing knives. Instead of displaying them on your counter in the standard block that collect dust, move those knives into a drawer to free up some space. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can maximize every inch of your drawer. I opted for a narrow one only about 5 inches wide so I can store more kitchen utensils in the same drawer.


Our recent kitchen renovation inspired me to update some small accessories on our countertops, this beautiful onyx salt cellar included! I love containers that also act as home decor – not only keep things organized and functional but also are pretty to look at. This salt cellar comes with a spoon and it checks all the boxes!


When I tell you my husband is obsessed with this electric pepper grinder, HE IS OBSESSED! We went through a handful of traditional grinders/mills and nothing compares to this electric one. It’s USB rechargeable and the charge lasts a long time. You can adjust coarseness and of course refill it as needed. And for my favorite thing… Every time you turn it on, the LED light lets you do the job more efficiently because you can see where everything is going. This is a MUST accessory for a modern kitchen.


A quick and affordable solution to change your old hinges to soft close ones without replacing the whole thing. Just clip these on top of your old hinges and say goodbye to those loud noises coming from slamming cabinet doors!