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Best Resources for Pitching Brands + Growing Your Blog

Not many people understand that there’s a lot that goes into blogging. While photography and content creation is a big part of it, maintaining a successful blog is a full-time job that requires many other skills. From staying on top of your marketing campaigns and social media to pitching brands and negotiating deals, you can easily spend on blogging all your time – 7 days a week. I can honestly say that without a drive, self-confidence and perseverance, I probably wouldn’t be here today writing this post.

Since I get asked a lot about the business of blogging, a few months ago I introduced blog posts sharing insights into what I do to grow my brand. Many of it comes from my experience of doing this for 5+ years. I do, however, have to acknowledge all of the resources that I’ve found really helpful in growing my business.

Best Resources for Pitching Brands + Growing Your Blog

One of the major game changers for me was discovering Julie Solomon and the Influencer Podcast. If you haven’t heard of Julie you must have been living under the rock because she is a pitching guru with a huge publicity background. Having said that, you know she’s coming from a place of a lot of experience knowing both sides of this business – the PR end and the blogging/ content creation one.

best blogging resources The Influencer Podcast

And you know what’s the best part of following Julie? She DOES NOT shy from sharing all of the important and helpful tips, insights and technics you need to become better at pitching and negotiating deals for your brand. I know because I did one of her Pitch It Perfect courses a few months ago and I’m already seeing great results. What is Pitch It Perfect? It’s a branding and marketing pitch program for influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to learn the step-by-step pitching brands formula for executing a strategy that converts into lucrative brand deals and media placements for your business.

If you’re interested to learn more about what Julie can do for your brand, you’re in luck! She’s hosting a FREE class: 5 Simple Pitch Strategies to Land Your First $5K Brand Deal filled with valuable content (sign up here). 

Trust me, I wouldn’t be talking about this if I wasn’t a big fan of what Julie does. I highly encourage you to sing up for this FREE webinar because the only thing that can happen in this scenario is that you leave with LOADS of relevant information. That’s what happened to me. If you want to know exactly what Julie typically covers in her webinar, check out the list below.


How to pitch brands Julie SolomonPitch It Perfect

  •  Provides you with a press kit layout & the best fonts, styles, and colors that are proven to attract brands
  •  Teaches you how to best respond to a brand when they request your rate sheet
  •  Solves your confusion on the purpose of pitching
  •  Gives you a no-fail strategy that gets you negotiating every day
  •  Teaches pitching techniques to help you negotiate deals for consistent income growth
  •  Eliminates your stress by simplifying your message
  •  Explains exactly who to pitch – no more cold pitching!
  •  Shows how to find and connect with brands without being sales-y
  •  Teaches you how to follow up with a brand, the right way
  •  Shows you exactly what brands look for in blogger investment, their words, not mine (you will see the emails yourself!)
  • Gives YOU behind-the-scenes access to 5 successful pitches that resulted in over $5,000 in brand deals
  • You will finally have the “inside scoop” and know exactly what to do in order to get on the brand’s radar

While we’re talking about growing your online business, let’s not forget about Instagram. I highly encourage you to check out Jennifer Puno of People Map – Instagram Marketing Expert who can teach you How to Grow Real Followers.

how to grow your Instagram with People MapInstagram Marketing: Grow Real Followers?

  • List Building with PeopleMap: Strategically attract followers and partners.
  • The Mine & Grind: Proactively get eyeballs on your content.
  • Instagram Basics: The nuts & bolts.
  • Tracking Growth & Conversions: Confidence and clarity to grow.
  • Hashtag Programs for UGC: Strategic outreach and purposeful conversations.
  • Content Strategy for ROI: Product first.
  • Social Proof with Partnerships: Swapping audiences.
  • Influencer Seeding: Amplifying your reach with UGC.
  • Team Building and Freelancers: People are shortcuts.



Remember, you can SING UP for the FREE webinar HERE.



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  1. Jessi Malay wrote:

    Congrats on launching this babe!! Love that you are so open and honest about sharing your experience and advice 🙂

    XO, Jessi

    Published 12.2.17
    • Paulina wrote:

      Julie Solomon launched it but I’m so happy to spread the word about it!

      Published 1.2.18