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Blogging 101: Finding Your Niche

As I sit here reflecting on almost 4 years of my blogging journey, I can’t believe how long it took to find my blogging niche. I know that a lot of new(-ish) bloggers struggle with categorizing their content, so that’s why I wanted to share my experience in today’s post.

If you Google blogging 101, one of the tips you will hear almost every time is to find your blogging niche as soon as possible. Well, easier said than done. It actually took me about 3 (!) years to finally arrive at the place I was so tirelessly looking for this whole time.

Let’s be honest, being among so many amazing fashion/ lifestyle bloggers these days, no wonder it’s overwhelming to define your own blog. Unless you started your website with a clear view of where you want to go, it can be a struggle to see it right away. In my experience, it looked like this…


First, I started more of a personal blog where I documented a little bit of everything that was going on in my life. Then, I started traveling a whole bunch so that was mostly what I featured in my content.

At the time I already followed a lot of big bloggers that today we call the real MVPs of the blogging world – Jules Sariñana (Sincerely Jules) or Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) to name the few. I adored what they were doing and since fashion was always a big part of my life, I showcased it on my blog as well.

However, we all know that because of the huge saturation in the market, these days saying you’re a fashion blogger is simply not specific enough. At least not unless you want to stand out and take your blog to the next level. So how did I finally narrow it down?

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It’s funny how the answers we look for are often right in front of us. After years of labeling myself as the fashion blogger (who shares affordable deals), I finally realized what’s the one thing that people always remember about me. I’m hella petite (5’2”) AND I’ve got curves.

So, after all this time, I realized I should have been calling myself a petite fashion blogger – because that’s who I am. That’s the first thing people notice about me in person and that’s what people like about me as well. In order to write an authentic content that people can relate to, this is what my blogging niche came to be.

Now to answer the big question of the day: My advice on finding your niche is to write down a few special things about yourself, something that people always recognize or remember you by. Better yet, ask your friends, bloggers who read your blog or the people you connected with over Instagram. They might just define your blog for you! 😉


Now I want to hear your stories!

How did you find your blogging niche?


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  1. Poornima wrote:

    Great post! Very informative!

    Published 12.28.17
  2. Nailil wrote:

    That handbag is gorgeous. Love the entire look girl.

    Published 12.28.17
  3. There’s a big debate about the niche. Most people say you need one but others claim you don’t. Personally I think it’s good to stick to a niche because that’s what people want to see and if you start blogging about something else, you may lose followers. However, I find it hard to choose a niche because there are so many things I’m passionate about. So I decided to start asking friends and followers what’d be helpful for them and what should I focus on. It’s been very helpful and I’m going to start working on it in the New Year. Let’s hope it works, fingers crossed!

    Published 12.29.17
  4. Jessi Malay wrote:

    Love this informative post babe!! Love that you’re so open and honest about your blogging journey 🙂 It took me a couple years to find my niche as well..so you’re definitely not alone!! <3

    XO, Jessi

    Published 12.29.17
  5. Laura wrote:

    Great tips for finding your niche! Thanks for sharing! Love that wrap dress on you!

    Published 12.30.17
  6. Jessica wrote:

    oh wow, that dress is gorgeous! So sexy and fab. The color is perfect on you dear. I love the slit too! Great tips you have here btw dear.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    Published 1.2.18
  7. Amy Arnold wrote:

    It can be hard to find your niche but also so important. Good tips!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    Published 1.2.18
  8. Ashley wrote:

    You are the cutest and I’m so glad you found your niche! I think mine might be “wearing stupid clothes successfuly” haha. 😉

    Happy New Year, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    Published 1.2.18
  9. Still looking for mine 😉
    Can’t wait till the end of January when I’ll be able to learn a lot about blogging&photography from one amazing curvy petite fashion blogger. Do you know who am I talking about? 😉

    Published 1.5.18
  10. Natalia wrote:


    Published 1.12.18