How The Right Paint Colors Gave Our Bathroom a New Life

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One of the first things we knew had to change as soon as we moved into our new house were the wall paint colors. In particular, the yellow bathroom walls… I don’t know about you but the canary yellow was not exactly our vibe. 😉

There’s something about the right paint color that always amazes me as it completely changes the space. I’m not only talking about invoking a certain feeling but more so, taking something old and giving it a completely new life (without breaking the bank.)

Our Bathroom Makeover

Our bathroom makeover was such a big transformation mostly thanks to the new paint colors. Yes, we changed a few fixtures for more up-to-date models but it’s really the new paint that people comment on the most. Since choosing the right color for your space can be overwhelming, in today’s post I’m going to break down all of the paints we used and how we went about making our decisions.

Choosing The Right Paint Colors

We started this bathroom makeover with painting all of the walls the perfect warm shade of gray called Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams (SW 7029). Before Rapha and I chose this color, we tested a bunch of whites and lighter grays until finally settled on this one. I’m really glad we did because we wanted this bathroom to not feel too stark cold, especially that there’s no windows in there. Agreeable Gray now keeps our bathroom looking clean and fresh while adding a touch of warmth to the space where it was very much needed.

Painting Bathroom Cabinets

Painting our old bathroom cabinets was something that completely gave them a new life. This was my first time painting any cabinets and even though I did a lot of research beforehand, I still felt a bit intimated by this project… Thankfully, after spending enough time on cleaning, sanding, priming and painting the cabinets, it’s safe to say now that the whole process wasn’t that scary! Time consuming? Yes. Doable? Absolutely YES!

navy bathroom cabinets Anchors Aweigh by Sherwin Williams

The paint color of these cabinets is something I get asked about the most ever since I shared this bathroom makeover on my Instagram. It really is a perfect navy! When we were looking for the right dark blue, we didn’t want anything that was too blue, too black or too gray. We probably tested about 6 colors until we found the one we loved. We ended up choosing Anchors Aweigh by Sherwin Williams (SW 9179).

The exact paint we used for the cabinets is called Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel and we’re really happy with the smooth, luxurious finish we got! In fact, we love it so much that we also painted our guest bath and laundry room cabinets the same color. It’s that good!

I know a lot of you want all details on how to DIY and paint your own cabinets so I will share everything I learned along with with product information in a separate blog post. 😉 Stay tuned!

Friendly Reminder

I cannot stress enough how important it is to sample paint colors in your space before you decide on the one. Most of the time, they look completely different than what you saw online or in the paint store! Testing them in your room and looking at them during different times of day is absolutely crucial in making the right decision.

New Bathroom Fixtures

The final touch to this bathroom makeover was replacing most of the outdated fixtures like the towel and toilet paper holders, light fixtures and of course, adding handles to the cabinets.

Originally, we wanted to mix more gold/brass and black metals but since we weren’t ready to replace all of the other chrome faucets yet, I thought sticking with these polished chrome handles on the cabinets and adding only black fixtures will look cleaner in this bathroom. So glad we did!

For our light fixtures, we went with these LED lights with white bulbs because they give off a good amount of light. For a rather dark bathroom with no windows, that was the right move! Yes, it took a bit of getting used to such a bright light in the bathroom (as opposed to a moody, warm light), but now we don’t mind it at all! Not to mention, doing my makeup with this light on is so much easier these days! 😉

A few other bathroom upgrades we still want to invest in along the way are new sinks and faucets, a quartz countertop, new shower and possibly new tile floors. Of course, I’m still decorating this space but you know what they say, one thing at a time…

What is your favorite part about this bathroom makeover?

If you have any questions or want me to share more blog posts about any process I mentioned above, let me know! While I’m constantly learning as I go, I definitely picked up a thing or two that I can pass on to other first-time homeowners. 😉

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