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How to Survive a 100 Degree Weather in California

And just like that, we’re back to a 100 degree weather in California. Does anyone feel like it’s either too hot or too cold most of the time?! And we rarely hit the optimum temperatures that are in between?

A few days ago, I took a little road trip with my boyfriend to visit our friends in Templeton, CA. On our way back up north, we managed to stop by this cute little town called Monterrey. If you guys watched this HBO show called Big Little Liesthen you can imagine my excitement…

When we decided to make that last pit stop, I desperately tried to google all the filming locations of my favorite show. Much to my disappointment, I found out a lot of the scenes were actually shot closer to LA (Malibu and such). I particularly wanted to find the cafe where the main characters liked to hang out at. Any idea where that would be?

How to Survive a 100 Degree Weather in Northern California

Back to the 100 degree weather in California. What to wear?! Typically during days like these, I go for lightweight dresses that are loose enough and don’t stick to my body too much. You gotta let your skin breathe! This little white dress ($15!) from Shein turned out to be perfect for this kinda weather.

TIP: When ordering from Shein, make sure to read the sizing chart carefully. Please note that this particular dress does not come with adjustable straps. It’s also not stretchy at all. If you’re a gal with a bigger chest, this piece might not fit you best. Just a fair warning. 😉

palm leaf Shein summer dress little white dress

Another thing I love about this dress is the fact you can wear it without a bra. For a 100 degree weather and it being a white dress, that’s a win win, am I right?! Yes, in my photos I am wearing a nude bra underneath just because we were attending a little boy’s birthday party that day. Normally, I have no problem running around without a bra… #shameless

Shein summer dress palm leaf

Also, can we talk about ring bags for a moment? They’re such a big hit this season and I’m not surprised at all! I actually found out that they work great during a 100 degree weather as well! I tend to hate towing around a bag on my shoulder, especially on a hot day when everything is so sticky and sweaty. The ring handle on this Target bag made it all that much more manageable! This bag (you can get it in white too) is a perfect size (fit my DSLR camera without a problem) for only $30 at Target. It also comes with a longer strap, should you need one.

affordable ring bag from Target

How to Survive a 100 Degree Weather in California by Shenska

dress: c/o Shein         bag: Target       watch: JORD

What would you wear for a 100 degree weather in California?


Thank you Shein for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Abby wrote:

    I love that you shop at Shein too! I love this site because of the affordable pieces. This dress is amazing on you – perfect for the heat!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

    Published 6.21.17
  2. Jessica wrote:

    That dress is $15? Paulina, you rock it look it is more expensive than that. What a steal!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    Published 6.22.17
  3. Rina wrote:

    California weather can definitely be unreal and just disgustingly hot sometimes. I totally agree with your tips for picking clothing from She In. You always manage to find the cutest pieces from there though. Love the whole look!

    Rina Samantha

    Published 6.22.17
  4. Jessi Malay wrote:

    California weather isn’t always glamorous, but you beautiful babe, and that bag is super cute!

    XO, Jessi

    Published 6.23.17
  5. Jackie wrote:

    I am loving your summer vibes, Paulina! This dress is so pretty and you can’t beat that price point! Also, any dress that you can go braless in is a win in my books! And how cute is your purse, who knew Target carried such great handbags! Feel free to send that heat my way, it’s been cold and rainy all week 🙁

    xo, Jackie

    Published 6.24.17
  6. That’s a lovely dress, Paulina! Loose dresses are perfect for these hot temperatures. I can’t bear wearing anything tight!
    I LOVED Big Little Lies! I’d love to see the shooting location too, all I’ve seen of Monterrey is Cannery Row 🙂

    Published 6.27.17
  7. Your summer vibes are awesome! In Florida we know sth about hot weather – more than 90 degrees and humidity up to 100% degrees. Loose-fitting dresses from natural fabrics are mandatory! Love the style of your pics. Can’t wait for our photoshooting together in Tampa <3

    Published 6.27.17
  8. Cynthia wrote:

    So gorgeous girl! Yes, this dress is perfect for the heat we’ve been having! Super feminine and yet looks cozy at the same time!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful night!



    Published 7.2.17
  9. keelie wrote:

    im loving this dress super cute, unfortunately i live in the Uk and the weather is always pretty rubbish but ill be sure to take these tips with me on holiday .. great post hun!

    keelie xo

    Published 7.2.17
  10. Asha wrote:

    I LOVE this adorable Shein dress!!! Obsessed with this look!



    Published 7.24.17
  11. Asha wrote:

    I LOVE this adorable Shein dress!!! Obsessed with this look! It so hot right now in California I could totally use this dress!



    Published 7.24.17