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July Bless Box Review: Sazan’s Summer Essentials

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In today’s post, I am taking you straight to unboxing Sazan’s July Bless Box. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out THIS post from last month when I explain what this particular subscription box is about. 😉

Since we were receiving this Bless Box at the end of July, it was all dedicated to summer essentials. Just like last time, I was very excited to get my box in the email. Especially, after seeing some sneak peaks of what’s to come on Sazan’s social media. However, please keep in mind that each month’s subscription box is not always a hit.

Want to know what I think of each product included in the July Bless Box? Please keep reading. 😉

unboxing July Bless Box by Sazan

Right after opening my Bless Box, I noticed that the coupon envelope wasn’t as thick as it was in my first order. At first, I was disappointed, but then thought that I didn’t really use any discounts included before, so that was OK. Also, the detailed description of each product in the box can now be found online instead in your box. I think that’s smart given we should preserve our nature’s resources as much as possible.

Bless Box July

Retail price: $50

Remember when I said I was excited for my July box after seeing Sazan’s sneak peeks on Instagram? Well, when I saw these Perverse sunglasses, I was a little disappointed. You see, when each box comes with fashion accessories, you need to keep in mind you might get a different style than expected. Also, sunglasses tend to be tricky. Not every style will fit one’s face frame or liking the same.

Needless to say, the pair I saw on Instagram seemed to be a better fit than these ones. On top of it, this particular style doesn’t feel like it’s worth $50. Like I said, when it comes to accessories, it’s a 50-50 chance you’ll like it or not.

Bless Box review sunglasses

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. I just said I don’t like this pair of sunglasses yet I’m smiling in the picture. Well, let’s just say my boyfriend Rapha did a good job making me feel comfortable for this product shot. 😉

July Bless Box review Sazan

Bless Up Hat review July Bless Box Sazan

Retail price: $39.99

Time for a Bless Up cap! I believe this is Sazan’s first product in the box that’s completely custom created. And if you ask me, I love it! My boyfriend though – not so much, haha! 😛 I think it’s a very feminine design and even though I don’t necessarily wear hats, I fell like this one will come in handy a lot. Gotta protect your face from the sun, ladies!

Bless Box Hat Bless Up


Self Tan moisturizer July Bless Box review

Retail price: $5

Now for some major realness. You guys, I have the palest skin you can imagine (blame it on my Slavic roots), yet I try to stay away from the sun as much as possible. Especially, when it comes to my face. Nobody got time for wrinkles, am I right? You’re probably thinking, what about self tanners? Well, I tend to stay away from those too because I’m just afraid I’m going to mess up and end up orange. So here I am, always with a pale face against fairly tanned shoulders and chest (because I do usually forget to put sunscreen on those parts).

However, for the purposes of this Bless Box review, I had to try this NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Moisturizer. I actually thought it might be good to even out the difference between my chest, neck and the face. I only used this product once and already saw results I was happy with.

TIP: Keep in mind that if you have the same skin tone, using this tanning lotion more than twice could be too much. Since my face and neck did get that more even tone compared to the rest of my body after just one application, the job was done.

Honey Girl Organics cream July Bless Box

Retail price: $32.49

Continuing the face treatment, I was also happy to find this natural face and eye cream by Honey Girl Organics. This product alone costs just as much as one month’s subscription, so you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth back right away.

Honey Girl Organics Face Eyes Cream Bless Box

Since I recently started changing my skincare routine toward more organic solutions, this was a perfect match for me. There’s just this instant good feeling when you know you’re not putting any chemicals on your skin, you know? I did love the highly nourishing effect this face cream gave me, even though the application felt a bit heavy at first. In fact, I decided to treat this product more like a face treatment once/twice a week rather than an every day solution.

TIP: For thinner application, apply the cream to moist face.

Amika Dry Shampoo in Bless Box

Retail price: $24

One of my favorite items in the July Bless Box and the one that I will probably use the most, is this Amika Dry Shampoo. Before, I was loyal to my good old Batiste, but I gotta say – this is the shit! 😛 It smells amazing, does the job just fine, and it’s definitely winning in the packaging category. Also, it’s an absolute girl’s (and blogger’s) best friend, so if you haven’t already, definitely get your hands on it.

Orly Breathable polish Bless Box

Retail price: $8.99

Another thing you should know about me is that I’m VERY particular about my nail care routine. Actually, I don’t even like getting my nails done professionally. I’m usually way happier with the results when I do my own nails.

So how do I get my nail polish last longer? I ALWAYS use a clear base, two layers of a nail polish, and then another clear top coat. Well, this Orly Breathable Nail Polish claims to have it all in one bottle! If that means I can skip some steps and get the same results, count me in!

Right before I was getting ready for my NYC trip, I thought it will be a perfect opportunity to test out this product. If it can last about a week of traveling, then that’s a win, right? We were gone for 5 days and I can gladly say that the Orly Breathable passed the test. No chips + everlasting shine! After more than a week I did notice that the edges of my nails were a bit wiped off, but that’s to be expected. Overall, I’m very happy with the product.

Orly Breathable nail polish Bless Box Review

Primal Kitchen Macadamia Sea Salt Bar Bless Box

Retail price: $3

Last but not least, another Primal Kitchen snack packed with protein. If you read my first Bless Box review, you know I wasn’t in love with the last chocolate bar I got. Still, I was happy to give this one a try. I did like it more, though I’m still not obsessed. Good thing it’s healthy!


Monthly subscription costs $29.99 + $7.50 shipping. The overall retail price of all products in the July Bless Box comes down to about $165.

This subscription box included 7 products and only one of them was travel sized. I ended up keeping (and using) all products but 2.

Was the box worth it or not?

For me it was! I personally love trying out new brands and finding new solutions that I can implement into my current skincare routine. If you’re into natural, organic products, I think you’d be happy with that box too!


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