October Bless Box Review

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Let’s talk beauty! Today’s post is the 5th installment of my monthly beauty box subscription reviews and today we’re talking all about the October Bless Box. For this month, the creator of the box – beauty blogger Sazan – claims to put together the best of beauty, health and home essentials for a beautiful fall, so let’s dive right in!



October Bless Box by Sazan

Most of the time, the first thing you’ll see when you open your Bless Box is a welcome card along with seasonal coupons AND postcards. Those postcards happen to be some of my favorite ever because I ALWAYS end up using them. It’s just a nice and practical way of stocking up on your stationery, if you ask me. 😉

Garnier mask Bless Box

Garner SkinActive Sheet Mask – Retail: $4

It’s really important to stay moisturized all year long (especially during colder months), so I’m happy to find in the box this antioxidant-rich, water-based mask from Garnier.

Sazan’s Tip – After massaging the rest of the product into your face, make sure to still follow your regular skincare routine, with your favorite moisturizer and serum. These sheet masks are also a great follow-up to a clay mask! Since clay-based masks draw out impurities, these super-hy- drating masks are a great way to add a soothing step to calm any irritation or stress after a more intense mask.


Mai Couture Bless Box

Mai Couture Makeup Paper -Retail: $1 each

Never heard of these but looks like something worth carrying in the purse at all times. 😉 For best use, Sazan recommends to tear sheet in half and gently press it across or in an upward motion on the apples of your cheeks. Color payoff depends on the pressure you use! If you want a subtle hint of color, press gently but rmly, for more of an intense color payoff, use more pressure.


Maybelline Bless Box review

Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – Retail: $7.99

When it comes to Maybelline, Sazan always hooks it up! Just look at all these amazing mini eyeshadow palettes, there’s something here for everyone!


Maybelline Bless Box

Maybelline Lipstick – Retail: $9.49 + Mascara – Retail: $8.49

I told you, Maybelline must be Sazan’s favorite drugstore brand! 😉 I’m always on the hunt for the next mascara so I’m definitely trying out this Volume Express one. When it comes to lipsticks, I’m very picky so this matte one might be going to a friend.


Beauty eye mask

My Tagalongs, Lash Eyemask – Retail: $12

This cushy eye mask is super soft, lightweight and comfortable! Perfect item to bring with you on any trips + you can wear it on your makeup too without ruining it! It’s also great to use with an overnight mask or eye cream.


Essie nail polish Bless Box

Essie Nail Polish – Retail: $10

Essie nail polishes are some of my favorite on the market so you know I’ll be using this one A LOT! Bonus point: Essie’s formula is infused with collagen and camel- lia extract, which provides your nails with an instant glow and helps strengthen your nails after just one week!


BONUS ITEM – Retail: $5

Every now and then Sazan likes to put a bonus product in the box, something that people liked in the past, I suppose. While I love this idea, the fact not everybody gets the same extra item in the box is a bit disappointing. I guess you can never make everyone happy but it would be so much easier to avoid the disappointment if there was only one bonus item in each box. Just my two cents. 😉


Abba haircare Bless Box

Abba, Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner – Retail: $4

Sometimes, shampoo can strip or stress out your scalp, but this herbal therapy formula claims to be soothing, while cleansing and improving hair softness and shine. Just what my hair needed! Definitely saving these for my next trip since they’re perfect for traveling.

Added bonus: Abba’s products are 100% vegan and always cruelty free.


Hum Super Food powder Bless Box

Hum Nutrition, Raw Beauty: Superfood Powder – Retail: $3

This Hum nutrition powder contains over 30 beauty detox superfoods to help support your energy, improve metabolism, and boost radiant skin. Very excited to try it!


Primal Kitchen bar Bless Box

Primal Kitchen Bar – Retail: $3

If you’ve been reading my monthly reviews of this box, you already know I’m not a fan of Primal Kitchen bars. So far I have tried two different kinds and no matter how good of benefits they provide, I just don’t like the taste and texture. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them though!

Overall, I loved the variety and how many products Sazan included in the box! There’s many that I am excited to try and some that I will probably gift to my friends or followers because sharing is caring. 🙂


What are your thoughts on what’s in the October Bless Box?

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