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Our Dark & Moody Primary Bedroom Makeover

*** In partnership with Sherwin Williams ***

One of the first big projects we tackled in our new house was completely transforming (what was before) a plain and boring space into this dark and moody bedroom of our dreams. Literally.

Since I get asked about this bedroom the most (it went viral on Pinterest!), today I’ll be sharing all of the details on this bedroom makeover.

While some may think this was a bold move, painting our walls dark green color was the best decision Rapha and I made… See for yourself.

moody bedroom dark green paint color


The dark and moody paint color really is the star of our bedroom transformation. This was also my first time partnering with Sherwin Williams and I can honestly say that going with a high quality paint makes all the difference!

We went with the paint from their Emerald Designer Edition (their finest formula & and the best hide) and it took us a few different paint samples to find the perfect color we were looking for.

Pro tip: Always swatch paint on your walls and check it in different lighting/ time of the day before deciding which color to purchase! You can also use the Colorsnap Visualizer online to preview what each paint might look like in your space.

WALL PAINT COLOR: SW 9756 Westhaven

dark and moody bedroom design


Now, something else to consider when you’re choosing paint for your project is the sheen. Typically, in higher traffic areas you want to go with the more glossy sheen or satin/eggshell, so the walls are easier to wipe when they get dirty. However, those sheens also reflect more light and tend to show more imperfections and texture on the walls.

Since the bedroom is a place where we mostly relax (and sleep πŸ˜‰ ), we decided to go with the flat sheen. That way we achieved more of a matte and refined look as opposed to using paint with more gloss. That is just our personal choice though and it really depends on your lifestyle and needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with the flat sheen on your walls, you might have a harder time wiping off any dirt without leaving some marks.

dark and moody bed decor


Now let’s discuss our bed along with the bedding and the rest of room decor! Since the vibe we wanted was dark and moody with a modern twist, we really tried to create a cozy space with each detail. This is why you can find a lot of gold, velvet, plush and linen textures in our room.

Our upholstered queen bed is from Zinus and we couldn’t be happier with it. Super easy to set up, affordable and it looks great!

Most of our bedding is from . We have both their Luxe Hardcore sheet set and the Linen one and we are obsessed! They truly deliver in the quality and comfort department and that in itself is worth investing in.

I also ONLY sleep on the silk pillowcase and I swear it makes all the difference for my hair and skin!

moody bedroom nightstand

The nightstand… Well, we have a love & hate relationship with this nightstand from Target. While we LOVE the overall look of it, the wide and deep drawer plus how it compliments our dark and moody bedroom, we absolutely HATE how much dust it attracts!

Of course, when we decided to go with darker furniture we knew black will show more dust. However, this one is on another level. It’s really a dust magnet and I feel like it has to do with the material this nightstand is made of. I can literally wipe the surface clean and in less than 5 seconds I will find dust making its way back. Frustrating to say the least.

bedroom nightstand decor details

In addition, while you can’t really tell in these photos, the top of the nightstand is crazy scratched up already. It’s literally the most delicate surface I have ever dealt with…

All that being said, if you love the look of it – go for it. Just keep in mind my honest review. πŸ˜‰

moody bedroom decor details

We are still working on finishing this space with more decor, but so far we’re loving the framed posters we got from Desenio.

emeral green paint color

There’s something about velvet curtains that really take this room to another level of cozy. Originally, I had my eyes on this beautiful set from West Elm, however, I was able to find a more affordable version of them at Target. They are lined and do a really good job at blocking off the light!

Lastly, let’s not forget it’s Charlie’s bedroom too! πŸ™‚ As some of you already know from my Instagram stories, for some reason he used to LOOVE sleeping behind our velvet curtains. That changed after we upgraded his dog bed to this large one. Now we can barely take him out of it!

modern dog bed_

A few more things we would still like to add to this bedroom is a full size mirror, a rug under the bed and more pictures on the walls. Other than that, we feel like the bedroom is complete!

What do you think of this dark and moody bedroom makeover?

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dark and moody bedroom idea

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  1. Scrt_soul wrote:

    It looks so stylish and beautifulπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ good job girl

    Published 2.3.21
    • Paulina wrote:

      Thank you so much! It means a lot πŸ™‚

      Published 2.3.21
  2. Barry wrote:

    Quite the transformation! I love that green color! And your dog is super cute haha.

    Published 2.4.21
    • Paulina wrote:

      Thank you! We couldn’t be more happy how everything turned out. And Charlie says thank you, haha!

      Published 2.4.21