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Unboxing My First Bless Box + Product Review

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Do you ever feel like there’s a subscription box for almost anything these days? Have you ever subscribed to one? I think the thrill of getting something new every month in the mail is what does it for us.

When it comes to beauty products, I typically stick to what has been working for me so far. At least that’s how I felt until I heard of Sazan‘s new venture.

Given she’s one of my favorite bloggers already, I trusted whatever Sazan decides to put in the box, should be good. After all, she’s a quite successful beauty guru these days (check out her YouTube tutorials here)!

When the opportunity to review Sazan’s April box presented itself, I could not wait to get my hands on it. A few days ago I teased on Instagram my planned BLESS BOX review and a lot of you were interested to see what’s inside. Let me break it down for you now…

Bless Box subscription review on Shenska.com

The first thing you’ll see when you open your Bless Box is a well-thought out envelope with a bunch of coupons inside (mostly from the brands included in the box). While I will probably not use any of them, I thought it was nice to have an option to repurchase the products you loved for a discounted price.

Bless Box stickers

How cute are those stickers?! I bet they will come in handy for all the mamas with kiddos!


Aveda coupon in Bless Box

Retail price: $35

Who doesn’t love facials? Apart from the fact they’re sooo good for your skin, they’re also great for your soul! You gotta treat yo’self from time to time, ladies and gentlemen!

Big + for a thoughtful gift idea – you can use this certificate for yourself or gift it to a friend/ family member.

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner in Bless Box

Retail price: $12

This Kopari Coconut Rose Toner is probably my favorite thing in the box. I’ve seen a lot of people repping this brand lately so I was particularly excited to try it out myself. I think it’s a great product for summer to not only quickly refresh your face but also keep it balanced. And who knew that a coconut/rose combo would be so good? I love the smell!

+ Great size for traveling, smells amazing, refreshing

UPDATE (September 2017): After a good few months of using this product nearly every day, I have to say it’s probably my favorite from the box. Not sure if it’s connected to other changed I’ve made in my skin care routine, but this Kopari rose toner has been working wonders!

Differing gel in Bless Box

Retail price: $14.99

Sazan recommends incorporating this Differin Gel into your daytime and nighttime skincare routine to prevent zits, reduce redness and overall restore your skin. I will admit that I did not follow her directions. However, I applied the gel on troublesome areas (aka zits) a few times and  so far the results were great. I will definitely keep using this product.

Go Smile in Bless Box review

Retail price: $15

I am rather faithful to my 3D Crest whitening strips, so I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t give this product a try yet. The Go Smile (7-day treatment) is said to be a quick solution for brightening your smile, so I thought I’d save this product for some important event coming up. According to Sazan, you can also incorporate this gel into your daily routine (just add it onto your toothbrush) for a whiter smile.

Maybelline pencils Bless Box

Retail price: $7.99 each

Maybe it’s Maybelline? Truthfully, this is another product I haven’t tried yet. Why? Well, I stopped using eye pencils back in high school, and now that I have eye lash extension, I barely ever use any liners on my eyes anymore. When it comes to my eye brows, I’m also committed to my Lancome product. Sazan says both of these products are easy to use, so I assume I would have fun with them.

UPDATE (September 2017): After consulting with my girl Jenny, who’s a makeup artist, she strongly advised me to give this Maybelline eyebrow pencil a try. Turns out I’ve been using the wrong eyebrow pencil before! This one is way thiner than my old one and I gotta say I really love this product now. The shade may seem darker than my eyebrows need, but if you use the liner in light strokes, it works just fine. I would recommend it!

Colour Pop eye shadow in a Bless Box review

Retail price: $5

This ColourPop eye shadow was a hit for me! I usually tend to wear warm colors with a natural glow and this product couldn’t be more. I will definitely keep using it all year long. Added bonus? The eye shadow is highly pigmented, which makes it for super easy application! Just use your finger and dab away!

Colour Pop eye shadow in Bless Box

Colour Pop matte lipgloss

Retail price: $6

Another ColourPop product in the box is this matte lippie. Once again, I don’t really rock a bold lip often (never, actually), so once I tried this one, I felt ridiculous. It’s just not for me but I know there’s many ladies who enjoy this kinda look, and I say go for it. It sure is a great lasting product. In fact, it was so good that I had a hard time taking it off my lips, haha!

Portland Bee Balm in Bless Box

Retail price: $3.99

Don’t love the bold lip? No worries! Sazan included another option for our lips in a form of this Portland Bee Balm. Now we’re talking! One can never have enough lip balms, am I right? Plus, how could you not love this one when it’s all natural (local beeswax, baby) and organic?!


The Body Shop butter in a Bless Box review

Retail price: $21

This product could not come into my possession in a better time. I was just in the market for a new body moisturizer! I believe The Body Shop butter does not need any formal introduction. Don’t you just love anything from the Body Shop? I know I do!

Bless Box and The Body Shop honey butter

Hand Food cream in Bless Box

Retail price: $3.25

Sazan says every time she wears this Soap & Glory product, people think it’s a perfume they smell! I could not agree more! I love love love this hand cream. Would definitely consider it another favorite of mine from this box.


dp Hue oil in Bless Box

Retail price: $10

Don’t you just hate when you run out of your favorite hair products?! I just used the last few drops of my trusted Moroccan oil and was looking to repurchase it, when I got Sazan’s box. I’m glad I waited because this dpHUE Argan oil might be a great substitute for my hair! You can use it either on damp hair after you showered or on dry to add an extra shine. Win win.

Primal Kitchen bar in Bless Box review

Retail price: $3

The last but certainly not least. Sazan definitely knows women! She included something to snack on while you open your goodie box and I love that idea. This Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond bar is GMO, Dairy and Gluten-Free, so you bet your ass it’s good for you. I personally didn’t like the taste or texture of it, but knowing that it’s a healthy snack made eating it that much better.

Bless Box review

Now, to sum this Bless Box review up.

Monthly subscription costs $29.99 + $7.50 shipping. The overall retail price of all products in May’s box comes down to about $110 ($160 if you include the $35 facial coupon + extra stickers/cards).

This subscription box included 11 beauty products and only one of them was travel sized. I ended up keeping (and using) all products but 3.

Was the box worth it or not then?

For me it was! I think Sazan does a great job including different products complimenting each areas of your beauty regime. If you’re a makeup lover and are into trying new products on regular basis, I’d give this subscription a try!

Bless Box subscription review


What about you? Did you find this Bless Box Review helpful? Would you subscribe?

Do you have any experience with other subscription boxes? Anything to recommend? Let me know!


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  1. Klaudia wrote:

    Wow. This is the best box I’ve ever seen and the price is great. I would try everything from it! I like your review babe. Kisses 🙂

    Published 6.20.17
  2. Rina wrote:

    I think for that pricepoint that’s a fabulous deal! That body shop body butter is so expensive and I love it it’s worth more than half the price of the subbie service. I love Sazan too. I think anything she would recommend would be amazing. I need to look into that pimple zapper <3

    Rina Samantha

    Published 6.27.17
    • Paulina wrote:

      I couldn’t agree more, babe! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with her boxes. From what I’ve seen, they only get better and better!

      Published 6.27.17