Wine Tasting At Tres Sabores

Since it’s my last week in Napa Valley (!!!) before I come back home to Delaware (at least for now!), I decided it’s a good time to share another post on my wine tasting experience.

There have been many wonderful places I have visited while living in Saint Helena, so I’ll definitely be sharing more on that later on. As you could read in my first wine tasting experience post, my reviews are mostly about accommodation and service, not so much about the wine itself. Let’s be honest, I still don’t know too much about it, to me wine is wine – it’s either white, red, sweet or dry. All the nuances, aromas and such, I’ll leave up for discussion to those who can actually understand it 🙂

Now moving on to TRES SABORES… If you are looking for a peaceful (not that any place in the Napa Valley is not calm), shaded place outside with a gorgeous view to taste your wine, head over to Tres Sabores. First thing that comes to my mind is what a friendly place that was! Imagine secret gardens, a backyard, picnic tables, snacks, wine deliveries every 20 minutes or so, and adorable puppies running around. No, you’re not dreaming, I just described TRES SABORES.

Take a look yourself.


Easy like Sunday morning… Even the sky was sending us some love! I hope I’m not the only one that spotted that heart-shaped cloud!


1620 S Whitehall Lane
Saint Helena, California

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