1.7.19 6

2018 Vision Board vs. My Year in Review

I believe in designing the life you want and working for your happiness every single day. I believe in creating your future and this is precisely why last year I decided it’s time to vision board my dreams and goals.…

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11.25.18 2

10 Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

Do you have any newly engaged friends in your life? ‘Tis the season to shower them with love then! 😉 Being a bride to be myself, I felt compelled to put together this gift guide in hopes to help you…

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11.18.18 2

10 Practical Holiday Gifts Under $100

If you’ve met me, you know I’m very into all things practical! Especially when it comes to gifting! Nothing says I love you, I care about you and I know these things will make your life easier than giving practical…

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11.2.18 4

Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge + Video

Who said an ugly location can’t contribute to creating some awesome images?! A few months ago, my friends Yvette (@envyeighteenphotography) and Justin (@justinmendez) and I accepted this photoshoot challenge and today we can finally share the results! For our ugly location, we…

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10.10.18 17

My Experience with Microblading Brows

Over two months ago I started sharing my microblading experience with you on Instagram and since then, I got a lot of questions regarding this process. As of today, my eyebrows are fully healed after two sessions and I can’t…

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